Do you love beagles?
We think beagles are the best dogs around! Beagles are the
perfect pet for most people because they are such versatile
dogs. They love to play and go on walks with their people,
but also can entertain themselves. We see them living out
on the farm as well as in big city apartments. They are not
picky as long as their people take good care of their basic
needs. They are the best dogs to have for children, because
of their gentle personality.

Beagles are low maintenance dogs:

  • No inherited health problems- so no expensive trips to
    the vet's office.
  • Love to eat- which means they will eat what ever dog
    food you want them to- just make sure to select a high
    quality food that has little or no fillers such as, corn, or
    wheat (remember dogs eat meat!)      
  • Short hair - low shedding or grooming other than an
    occasional bath. No need to take them to a professional
    groomer, or spend hours brushing shedding hair.
    Although a good brushing once in a while will improve
    the look of their coats and my dogs love to be brushed
    just because it feels good. They are very clean dogs
    with very little doggie odor.

Our History:
We have been raising Beagles since 1998 in our Washington
State home, and try to provide a wide variety of colors and
sizes of beagles so all beagle lovers can find the dog they have
been searching for. Unlike many breeders with smaller beagles,
we never cross breed our dogs with other breeds to achieve
smaller puppies. We are proud to say our mini and toy puppies
are pure bred beagles. Although we can't guarantee their adult
size,because they have genes for all sizes, most stay the size
of their parents. Small beagles such as ours were very popular
in England. Queen Elizabeth was said to favor the "Pocket
Beagle"(who fit in the saddle packs of the hunter) and had some
of her own. Her father was known to have glove beagles, who
were small enough to fit on a gloved hand. When they were
brought to America in the 1800's, hunters bred them to be larger
dogs, many times up to 17 inches tall. The smaller beagles
under 12 inches became a very rare find.

We have...
13 inch standard who will weight 30-60 pounds
Miniature which usually will be between 10 and 12 inches
tall and weight 15-25 pounds as adults
Toy beagles (exclusive to our breeding program) are about
9-10 inches tall and weight around 8-15 pounds as adults

Colors include....
Tricolor (black,brown and white or black tan and white)
Red and white (Golden blond to a deep auburn red - very
Lemon and white
Brown and white (Hershey's chocolate brown- also very
Beagles, beagles and more beagles......
(See pictures of puppies by clicking on puppies tab above.)

13 inch standard

12 inch miniature

10 inch Toy

9 inch Toy

All three sizes